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Veterinary WordPress Theme

Veterinary WordPress theme is designed specially for veterinaries with great focus on veterinary website requirements. Now days things are very different than they were before. Everyone is really busy in their own schedule or things. People hardly get time to spend with each other that’s why everyone feels alone. But human nature is to not live alone and have a good companion with them. This way people feel secure and complete so when humans are not available.

People keep different pets like Dogs, Cats, Parrots, Birds and many more. The connection of love and care they build with their pets. People become more caring and loving for their pets. So people want to keep their pets healthy, groomed and bacteria free. But people are not experts about pet medicines, pet foods, pet grooming and other healthy activities for pets. They need a veterinary doctor who is expert about their pets and can guide them best for pet care.

Why Veterinary Doctor Should Have a Website?

As people keep pets their friends and they take pet care very seriously. So they always aim to reach a good veterinary doctor for their pets. So before contacting a veterinary doctor they grab complete information about that vet doctor.  For that they use search engines to find pet care or veterinary care websites in their area. So they can reach the best veterinary doctor for their pet care.

For Pet care people browse veterinary websites so they can see

  • How to contact veterinary doctor
  • How veterinary clinic looks like from clinic gallery
  • What experience veterinary have?
  • Services veterinary clinic offers
  • Words other pet owners say about the veterinary doctor
  • Whats Pet vaccination and other general visit prices
  • Where veterinary clinic is located

So these are the complete details described in list above. Which a veterinary doctor’s website can provide to its potential customers or pet owners who are considering a visit to veterinary doctor.

So no one can refuse that a veterinary care clinic needs a website for its potential pet customers so customers (The Pet Owners) can get all information they need before they chose and decide a veterinary doctor for pet grooming services, pet shop products, pet vaccinations and all other pet related veterinary services.

Why a Veterinary should use WordPress for his Pet Care Clinic website?

Veterinaries are doctors they are not coders. Vets know more about pet care than the HTML or CSS. So when a website is built for vets the website should be using a good Content Management System. So vets can easily manage their websites. Cause not updated websites are dead sites. So a veterinary should keep posting new blog posts with some tips for pet owners so people can keep engagement somehow with pet care clinic. And if veterinary doctor want to change something in their website they should login admin panel and easily change what they want to change rather than they start editing html or php files and get confused seeing code. So veterinaries should have good content management to support their website and there is no better content management system than WordPress.

WordPress website will give ability to veterinaries easily add new services, menu items, staff members, blog posts, pages, contact information and everything and they can also use thousands of available WordPress plugins to make their website more social and SEO friendly as well. So there are no two opinions that a veterinary should only have website in WordPress so they just care about their patients not about their website and WordPress updates can keep their site secure as well.

Why Pet Care / Pet Grooming / Pet Shop / Veterinary WordPress Theme is best for Vets?

Webful Creations invested a huge amount of time to search what a veterinary need for their website. After a great research we came to a final design idea for pet care WordPress theme website. The idea we brought about veterinary website includes everything a veterinary can need for his/her website. So here are some really important reasons you should consider to chose pet care WordPress theme.


It is very important not only for veterinary websites but for anyone who have or manage a website. The design of their website should be latest trendy design. Eye catching Color scheme and should deliver whole message in one view.

Veterinary care WordPress theme by Webful Creations is designed by keeping this aspect in mind and theme using latest color scheme, ideas, responsive design which deliver whole message in one view.

Veterinary Care WordPress Theme

A basic view of design can explain you well that veterinary care WordPress theme includes everything for a pet care shop or WordPress website. So if you are going to start a Pet care website pet grooming website or veterinary clinic website, Veterinary WordPress theme is best theme to select. Cause it includes some great features which includes.

  1. Revolution Slider (FREE)
  2. Pricing Tables specially designed for veternaries
  3. Veterinary shop or store as some vets need to sell pet related products.
  4. Many more features are available in built in design.
  5. Child Theme Support
  6. Single Doctor Page
  7. Single Service Page
  8. WooCommerce Support
  9. Live Editor with wordpress recommended Customizer
  10. Single post/page Layout and styling options.
  11. Everything in theme is editable and you can play with it.

Performance of Veterinary WordPress Theme

After how good the website looks by design the performance element is very important. Which raise couple of questions.

Is this theme responsive to all devices?

Yes today no website can survive or keep visitors if website is not responsive on all devices like, Desktop, Mobile, Tablets and other related devices. So Veterinary Care WordPress theme is great Pet Care WordPress theme which is responsive to all devices any visitor coming from any device will have no problem using the website or reading the content or making the understanding.

Please copy the Veterinary Care WordPress link here. And run a google test for is page mobile friendly or not.  You will find that Webful Creations have built a great responsive pet care WordPress theme.

Responsive pet care wordpress theme

Loading Speed

However some people ignore this very important point but its very important that your WordPress website should be loading fast enough. If your website is not loading within few seconds of your visitors arrival then bounce rate will raise for your website. Veterinary Care WordPress theme is not like many other multi purpose WordPress themes which includes hundreds of features which a veterinary doctor does not even need for his/her website.

Pet Care WordPress theme is designed specially for vets and only have features which are necessary for vets. That’s why the performance of veterinary WordPress theme is amazing. We recommend Autoptimize, and W3C Total Cache WordPress plugins to optimize your WordPress veterinary Theme speed.

veterinary care wordpress theme speed performance

You can check yourself the Loading speed of veterinary care WordPress theme. Using Pingdom tools or Google Insights tools. Please note that pet grooming WordPress theme’s demo is using high resolution images for best view. That’s why page size is bigger than what you will get on your site by using original or optimized images.

Veterinary Shop WordPress theme Customization

The Pet Care WordPress theme provides several options to customize the theme according to your needs. Pet Grooming WordPress theme is not a multipurpose WordPress theme but it includes so many options which makes it not less than any multipurpose WordPress theme. Veterinary Care WordPress theme is bundled with some plugins like, king composer, contact form 7, revolution slider, woocommerce etc. Which you do not need to install yourself once you activate Pet Care WordPress theme. Required plugins will automatically ask you to install them by one click.

Making a Page with Composer Plugin

Veterinary WordPress theme offers a easy drag and drop composer plugin which makes life very easy to use different elements, adding new rows and columns as well. By using composer plugin you can make unlimited variations to your page layout or display. See the screens below of available or built in composer plugin options. Using these options you can make anything in your veterinary care WordPress theme’s page or post wherever you intend to use the Composer plugin.


These are some built in features in veterinary care WordPress theme which makes it very easy for you to customize the page or make your page anyway. How you can add rows and in rows and columns how you can use these pet grooming elements or veterinary care elements please check screenshot below.

Customization of Headers Footers and other common elements

All pages like home, inner have something in common like, navigation, header, footer, top bar, call to action before footer etc. Veterinary WordPress theme provides unlimited options like typography, colors, things to display on different sections via WordPress live customize feature. So you can live edit the things from using WordPress live editor.

WordPress live customize is a great tool which display you the changes while you are making the changes. So when you are editing the things in veterinary WordPress theme you will see it happening live. You can also check these things for different devices like mobile, tablet and desktop. Cause WordPress live customize provides support for these devices.

Specific Page layout or Style veterinary WordPress theme

Sometime you need to display special stuff on footer of specific page. Or anywhere means if you have something in common on all pages you want to display something different on single page rather than editing each page separately you can set default styles from WordPress live customize window. And to set specific style for a page you can use page layout options in that page or post. Veterinary WordPress theme provides these options to be used in all pages, posts, doctors, services, etc.

So you can easily setup the top bar, Header, Navigation, Title section, Call to action box, Footer and footer bottom. Manage means you can update their colors, typography, sizes, background images and content they will display. These options make theme able to produce unlimited variations for a veterinary WordPress website or medical WordPress website. This is the reason we say this theme can be used by any medical related WordPress website. But we designed it specially for vets for their pet care related websites.


Other amazing features bundled with veterinary WordPress theme are not limited. But we have a limit to explain them. So please do not waste time on here and check the demo as soon as you can 🙂

Some other pet care WordPress theme features are.

  • Translation Ready
  • RTL support
  • Easy to add additional JavaScript
  • Cake to add Additional CSS
  • Use any WordPress plugin
  • 24/7 Support

Veterinary WordPress Theme RTL Demo

We are very happy to tell you our Veterinary WordPress theme is completely supporting RTL and LTR both languages. Its really like a hot cake to translate in any language as well. Please check our article how to translate Veterinary WordPress theme into any language. Please check RTL Veterinary WordPress theme’s demo which is awesome to build your website in Arabic or RTL languages.

RTL Veterinary WordPress Theme

Some built in Post Types for veterinaries

There are some great post types which make it very easy to create new doctors, new services, new faq’s, new testimonials. So Built in Post types for any veterinary or medical related website are.

  1. Doctor Post type with Single doctor view and its unique options to make it easy to create new veterinary
  2. Service post type with single service page view and its unique options to make it easy to create new services.
  3. FAQ’s which support FAQ groups as well
  4. Testimonials with testimonials groups as well.

Installing Veterinary WordPress theme and Recommended Plugins

The installation of Veterinary WordPress theme is really very easy and simple. I also have made a video which explains how you can install Veterinary WordPress theme and its all recommended plugins into a WordPress installation.

Installing Demo data Veterinary WordPress Theme

Its very simple and documentation is included how easily you can install veterinary WordPress theme’s demo data with few clicks. But i have also made a video which explains how you can install demo data for Veterinary WordPress theme.


I have tried to explain my pet care WordPress theme nicely if you still have any question please contact me here.

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