WordPress Theme Installation Demo & Plug-in Set-up, With SEO Setup & Security & Speed

Have you bought a premium WordPress theme and want to run a WordPress site but don’t know what to do? In WordPress Installation and theme installation with Demo, Security, Performance and SEO setup you get a complete setup Service for your WordPress website so you have to worry about nothing and just sign in your WordPress admin and starting putting up the real content in place of demo content.

WordPress Installation

In this service you will get WordPress installed manually so there are only plugins installed which are necessary to use not to promote the hosting services on your Admin panel as most of hosting sites do in one click installation. In WordPress installation we will make sure to setup a strong username and password for your admin rights as well. We will change permalinks to post-name so that your site perform and look perfect to users and search engines as well.

Theme Installation

You will send us the premium theme or any WordPress theme you are wanting to get installed exact like its demo. We will install the theme, We will also delete the Unnecessary WordPress themes from wp-admin >> Appearance >> Theme like twentyfifteen, twentysixteen, twentyseventeen The reason we delete these themes after installing the theme you are going to use on your site is to make sure when new update of these themes is released, and any security issue on old versions of these themes does not risk your website.

Plugins Installation

After theme installation we will go to plugins area and delete the unnecessary plugins if any is there by hosting or WordPress to make sure you are having only plugins which are required by your theme to work. Then we will install all plugins to their latest versions which plugins theme recommend to install.

Demo Setup

After WordPress Installation, Theme Installation, Recommended plugins installation we will install demo data which includes all Menus, Widgets, and Theme settings like colors, background images and we will make sure your site is working and displaying exact like the demo of theme you are going to use.

SEO Setup

Now your site is looking exactly like demo we are setting up SEO, First of all we will go to Source code and check if everything is according to what Search engine recommends like Main headings, sub headings, widget headings, article titles, contact information, images alt texts.

Once we have reviewed your theme if we find something to fix in your theme and we will do that and make a list of fixings we make in your theme to send you and you can share with theme author to update theme as well.

Then we will install most popular WordPress plugin WordPress SEO By Yoast and configure its all settings and make sure your site is 100% Search engine friendly and meets all requirements of Search engines.

Analytics Installation: We will send you guide so you can setup an analytics account for your website in your Google account once you setup your analytics as we send you guide you will get a code which you will share with us and we will finalize analytics installation.

Google Webmaster Tools or Console Setup: Now we will send you guide to setup Google webmaster tools as we already installed analytics so it will be easy task for your to setup Google webmaster tools for you.

Analytics and Webmaster Tools both will help you to analyze the performance and visitors of your websites and the keywords you website is showing up on search engine.

Note: We do not assure ranking with SEO setup but we assure your site 100% Search engine friendly. Ranking is continuous job from people who do only SEO and we don’t do that.

Security Setup

Now we are all set so our website can perform better we have to setup security setup in which we make sure your site never can get compromised. The following services are done in security setup for you.

Auto Updates: We will turn on auto updates for WordPress and all plugins installed so if there is any new release for WordPress or plugins it can automatically get installed to make sure there is no vulnerability in older versions to get your site hacked or compromised.

Limit Login Attempts: We will limit your WordPress admin logins to 10 to make sure no bot can keep trying adding different passwords to get access of your site, and this can also well know if the user is computer or human.

Auto Backup: There are very few chances for your site to get hacked when we install security setup but its online world you can lose your data anyhow at any point, so we setup auto backup for your site every 3 days, so in case you lose anything anytime you can easily get backup your website and run it normally.

Hide username: You might have seen blogs where author name is admin username like admin or administrator which gives a clue to hackers what’s your username and then they just have to guess the password. First of all we set a good username for your admin roles and then we hide it with your real first and last name, so its impossible for hackers to guess the admin username.

Performance Setup

As you are trying to improve your site as much as you can why? Cause you want your visitors get best user experience the same case is with google, google want to give results to its visitors which sites loads faster. So we will make sure your website is loading fast and performing best. We will do some customization in .htaccess file we will also install WordPress performance plugins and configure them to their best settings for your site.


Here is list of things you have to do to get this service and get your site running as explained above.

  • Order service
  • You get a form to send us Your website logins and theme files
  • Send us your Hosting logins cPanel or hosting panel
  • If you have already installed WordPress send us wp-admin logins
  • Send us Your Theme files with documentation and all data. We will guide you if you are confuse what to send.
  • Now give us 24 Hours to get this job perfectly done!

Any questions please contact us!

    What Other say about our Service!

  1. bliss7986

    We love having them to rely on. We are very busy and a small company. We don't have a private team of techies to handle our website and landing pages, so we are grateful to have found them. We are just about to hire them for another job! highly recommend them.

  2. tinat99

    Another great job. Our site looks AMAZING. It took some work to get the responsiveness working but they didn't stop until they got the bugs figured out. Really happy with the work and the communication. As a business owner I need that consistent communication or it is a deal breaker for me. I highly recommend them.

  3. juniorma

    Excellent provider. Timely. Professional. Expert and works tirelessly until the job is done! Excited for the next project. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  4. KateRobertson

    Excellent work and communication. Ateeq was considered in all his efforts and was happy to not only solve problems but demonstrate how I could get the most out of the website. I would highly recommend him and will definitely be using him again in future.