WordPress Migration On Different Domain

There can be several reasons you want to get your WordPress website migrated to new domain name whatever is the reason its very important to do this migration right so you can keep your traffic as its now from google, and there is no 404 errors or problems for your visitors.

301 Redirect from old Domain: If you want to get your website domain name changed we recommend you to keep your old domain name alive for at least 6 months, so your site do not lose any traffic on old site we will setup 301 redirect for you so if user visit oldsite.com/post-name/ and should redirected to newsite.com/post-name/

What We will do in detail?

We will perform multiple services you can find details below what we will do in WordPress migration service for you.

  • We will transfer your website from old Domain name to new domain name
  • We will migrate data from old server to new server or hosting, if server is also changed
  • We will setup 301 redirect if you want to use old domain for any other purpose we will not do this. But we strongly recommend to do this at least 1 to 6 months. To keep your google rankings.
  • We will make sure everything is migrated to new server or domain and working perfectly without any help of old hosting or domain name. Like all images, links and everything linked to new domain name and working fine.
  • We will update your WordPress
  • We will update all plugins as well.
  • We will let you know to check your site so if you want any revisions we can do for you.
  • During migration we will make sure your site stay down for 0 minutes.
  • We will also take backup of your website before doing anything so in case anything goes wrong we can reverse.


We will need following items from you in case to make this service completed as quickly as possible.

  • Order service
  • Send us Domain and Hosting Access for your old site
  • Send us Domain and Hosting access for new site.
  • Send us WordPress admin logins
  • Any special instructions.
  • We will let you know if we would need anything further rather than this list. Depends on your site.

If you have any questions please contact us!

    What Other say about our Service!

  1. timothi

    We were struggling trying to migrate a website as migration was always easy for us using some plugins and techniques but we fell in some problem, and webfulcreations saved us by taking our site live again! Thanks so much

  2. perronem99

    Have worked with many freelancers but the results i got from webfulcreations left me with no Questions! Absolutely professionals.