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First of all, we would like to say thanks to our valued customers. Who appreciated our Construction and Plumber HTML template. After huge demand, we are happy to announce our new Construction and Plumber WordPress theme.

Construction and Plumber WordPress theme is a WordPress website for plumbers as well as for many others who are fade up of poor management of local plumbers. Plumbing is an issue for which we need an immediate solution to. For example, a broken tap needs immediate repairing otherwise your routine chores will be delayed which might be quiet hectic in today’s busy world. And even when you have a broken tap nobody would want to rush at the very moment to get a plumber who could fix it. Plus our local plumbers have their own issues with their temperament to lack of proper equipment. Some are too busy, some are too far or some are too lazy that they might not be available at the moment or most probably they’d have their excuses ready if they are not willing to work. In short, you have to deal with a big fuss before getting your small tap fixed. And when it comes to bigger plumbing issues, (not necessarily at home level, you can also have such issues on commercial level) a plumber equipment are also to be taken extreme notice of. Because no matter what we can not imagine our lives with plumbing issues at home or at work.

Why a Plumber need a website?

Sick of same old procedure of getting a plumber to get your issue resolved? In this world of electronic media, when everything is just a click away, wouldn’t it be nice and comfy to get a construction and plumbing website? Absolutely Yes! In this way, we can contact them right away whenever right from the comfort of our homes. After all, we are so used to getting our hands on what we need after being fully satisfied by their online appearances.

If construction and plumbing, the website would actually come then the following questions and points that raise every time we try to contact plumber on our own would be answered beforehand.

  • (location) Where is the plumber situated?
  • (working hours) When are they available? If their time suits our schedule or we’ll have to make an exception?
  • (reviews) What do their previous customers have to say about their work?
  • (staff members) It is to check whether they have experienced staff or not.
  • (plumbing services) A complete list of all the services they offer so you are aware if they can resolve your issue or not before contacting them.
  • (e-shop) A plumber can not provide every tool that you might need to do they have necessary equipment that you can buy easily.
  • (gallery) For pictorial proof of their work and equipment.

These are some of the very basic questions that comes to almost everyone’s mind before calling a plumber to their house, most importantly for security purpose. By owning a website plumbers would make contacting easier for the viewers. And a website with simple layout would be even more helpful. A simple design of the website is also beneficial from the professional point of view because it can increase the chances of getting more clients.

Why should Plumbers use WordPress on their Website?

The answer is pretty simple as WordPress is undoubtedly one of the best content management system. Besides, it’s easy installation, the availability of hundreds of themes and plugins that help you manage your design and features efficiently is the biggest benefit of WordPress and is the main reason for its popularity.

Another important aspect of why plumbers should have a WordPress website is because they most probably are not very good with technology and coding. They need something with a simple layout and easy features to deliver their message. And WordPress also possess a wide range of blogs and video tutorials for help in building up your own website.

WordPress Themes:

In understanding Construction and Plumber WordPress theme, you should get yourself accustomed to the basics of WordPress themes. As mentioned earlier WordPress provides hundreds of free and premium themes and each one totally different from the other with equally amazing features. These themes can change the layout of your website completely without causing any harm to your content. So even when you are no more comfortable with your theme simply get another suitable theme for yourself without the fear of losing important content. That’s why Construction and Plumber WordPress theme is based on WordPress as the core point was to get something that is specifically for plumbers. Which we can’t get from anywhere other than WordPress.

WordPress Plugins:

WordPress plugin is another important and appealing feature of WordPress. This is basically for adding customized features in your website which are not there in the theme. Because whatever feature you want to add WordPress with its thousands of free and premium plugins would find a module or plugin for your convenience. For example in plumbing wen\sites, you’d definitely need an appointment section but the theme you choose does not provide such section, you can easily get a plugin for that. Other than this WordPress also provides some cache plugins to speed up your website or to SEO optimization etc.

Woocommerce support in Construction and Plumber WordPress theme:

Woocommerce plugin is basically an e-store plugin from where you can buy and sell products. As mentioned above plumbing is such occupation in which you often need to buy products for yourself during repairing or construction. Rather than rushing to stores you now buy your required products from the website as it has woocommerce plugin support. You just need to put up the products, rates, shipping, and payment methods and your plumbing e-store is ready to work along with your website.

Other WordPress benefits:

Other being exceptionally easy to install and operate and with the availability of really reasonable and secure themes and plugins there are some more WordPress benefits that we can’t afford to miss especially regarding our construction and plumbing WordPress theme, Here’s the list:

  • It gives solid backup grounds for your content and efficiently manages import and export.
  • SEO friendly, after self-customization and speed optimization website support.
  • In case of difficulty in managing website, online help forum and developers are available to help you out.
  • Beautiful back end with great ease to add new posts/pages, plumbers, services etc.

Why is Construction and Plumber WordPress theme best for plumbers?

Construction and Plumber WordPress theme is designed especially for plumbers so it includes everything that a plumber might need for showcasing their services because let’s face the fact that it’s not common to have a plumbers website until now. So we had to do lots of research in order to collect really effective design for the cause. Then the selection of common features is another important issue that we had to face. And after lots of research Webful Creations is able to launch one of the best Construction and Plumber WordPress theme.

This theme can be used by construction companies too with a little amendment. And the plumbing e-shop can also be adopted by local vendors. Because Construction and Plumber WordPress theme is suitable for almost all construction-related businesses.

plumber WordPress theme

Top rated WordPress theme:

Construction and Plumber WordPress theme is one of the top-rated WordPress themes for plumbing. Even though this theme is built for a niche purpose but it’s design and simple layout has it an easily customizable and implementable. Which is the biggest reason for its success? Of course right after our valued customers who gave us chance to prove ourselves yet again. Here is what one of our customers has to say about our theme.

Plumber WordPress Theme offers 3 different types of services sections please check in images below. You can select any type of services to display on your site.

Services with thumbnail and heading with icon

2nd Services display type is big icon on left side.

3rd services display type is big icon above heading and in complete line

Also check the special plumber card to plumber staff and contact pages.

Design of Construction and Plumber WordPress theme:

Construction and Plumber WordPress theme is designed while keeping in mind all the necessary elements that a plumber site could need and this is the main reason Construction and Plumber WordPress theme is not only one of the top rated but also being applauded by the users. In short, we are not just concerned with our benefit (by getting it sold) but we also consider the comfort of our valued customers by making it as simple as we can yet amazing and demanding simultaneously. We have included every single element with detailed research to increase the productivity as much as we can out of our hard work. For demo please follow the detailed preview of Construction and Plumber WordPress theme in the screenshots below:

You must have observed by now that how much productive, understanding and relatable our theme is. This latest yet trendy style is here to stay and make its presence known by the relativity for customers it has with any construction and plumbing issues. And the exciting thing is these features above are not just it. There’s much more to this theme which includes:

  • Revolution Slider (FREE)
  • 3 Built-in Header types (Plumber WordPress Website)
  • Information Boxes or use form on the main banner
  • About section in 3 different and endless possibilities way
  • Services section wonderful plumber services design
  • Plumbing staff members for plumber WordPress theme
  • Optical Web store amazing web store for opticians
  • FAQ’s and testimonials to keep your clients happy
  • 3 types of built-in banners for opticians promotion
  • News section
  • Call to action box for plumbers
  • Projects and Single Project Page
  • Footer with amazing look and features

Performance of Construction and Plumber WordPress theme:

Let’s come to one of the most frequently asked questions: How good is its performance? The performance of any web site include its responsiveness to other devices, it’s loading speed etc.Hence it’s one long list that describes how good any site’s performance is. This question also calls for a detailed answer to get the customer satisfied with our products. So here it is:

Is Construction and Plumber WordPress theme responsive to all devices?

We live in an age where our toddlers know how to operate a tab and our youngsters have less time and more gadgets. In such age, you never know what device a customer is contacting you. What you should be concerned about in today’s age is if you are going our professionally then your site should be responsive to every single device expected to contact you. After all, it’s the devices that connect us. We proudly announce that Construction and Plumber WordPress theme is responsive to all devices. Not just this but it can adjust every screen resolution very efficiently and looks like good on small screen as it does on the desktop. Have a look at how google recommended our product for big, small, moderate size screens.

How good is its loading speed?

With hundreds of search engine finds one question and a shortage of time in this busy world you have 90% chances of losing a valued customer if the loading speed of your website is freaking low. It usually annoys the customers if a site’s pages or media takes time to load. Now, what makes loading speed time long and miserable? It’s the complicated structure of files i.e., Java scripts and CSS files of a website. As mentioned above we value our customer’s comfort, Plumber WordPress theme is developed on the basis of very simple and clean coding and very few files which makes the speed real quick and leaves customers with a really cool experience. Below is the screenshot explaining to you how good the loading speed of Construction and Plumber WordPress theme is.

mobile firnedly plumber wordpress theme

Construction and Plumber WordPress theme self-customization options:

Even though by now you must have developed some good remarks about our plumbing theme by the detailed screenshots above. Who is proof enough to convince you how amazing construction and plumbing WordPress theme is with every possible related feature and importance given to even minute details. But as we all know there’s no end to possibilities. Such is the case here and you never know what your customers have in mind regarding this theme. That’s why we have put a lot of effort into our customization options so you can customize according to your own good. Here are the ways you can customize your site in this theme:

  • WordPress Customize Live Editor:

With WordPress live customization tool WordPress offers you hundreds of themes options through which you can change the color, typography, size, backgrounds and much more according to your requirements. You can also add different sections for a news update and promotions etc. Actually customize live editor options are for default settings which work for all pages unless a page has its own settings from page options explained below. Construction and Plumber WordPress theme’s live editor powerful options give you the ability to change the look of the site to anything.

plumber wordpress theme customization options

Besides all this, there are some more options included in customization section which can help you out even more in making your site more relatable because luckily Plumber WordPress theme has such amazing option panel which can transform your site into anything and everything.

  • Site Identity
  • General Options
  • Typography Options
  • Top Bar Options
  • Header Options
  • Inner Pages styles/layouts
  • Social links, Address, Phone, time
  • Footer Settings styles/layout.

These are the add-ons with their own inner panel.

  • Plumber WordPress Theme Page Customize Options:

Other than a single, general layout of the website you might at times need a different style of a particular page (be it welcome page, contact page, or any other special feature display). During the development of Plumber WordPress theme, the research we did to collect the perfect range of useful features introduced us to the importance of this option. Since then it was not left behind by our concern so here it is. Single page customization option to help your special features stand out from the lot. The screenshot demo below can help you understand how easily you can use this single page customization option in our Plumber construction theme.

plumber wordpress theme page options

  • Plumber WordPress Theme Page builder:

WordPress themes before a bit of revolution in it used to have so many shortcodes to use but its more convenient to the ones who have close knowledge of coding. This WordPress theme is for Plumbers who are obviously not good with coding and other technicalities. For them or any such people, WordPress introduces some composer plugins which are basically page builders through simple drag drop option. And that’s what we have added to our theme, a wonderful drag and drop page builder. So our Construction and Plumber WordPress theme includes some elements like:

Section title, Icon box, a small banner, highlight banner, Our Plumbers, Our Services, Blog posts, pricing tables, Testimonials, Faq box, Brand’s carousel, tools gallery and many more. Please check the image below to know the complete elements of Plumber WordPress theme and how you can create new rows and columns and add different elements through this drag and drop option.

plumber wordpress theme page builder elements

  • Plumber WordPress Theme Custom Post Types:

This is particularly for customer support and ease because through this custom post type you can add new plumbers, testimonials, services and Faq’s really easily. Without messing with pages and menu items.

  • Services (Single service page and Service group, service archive add services with ease of Plumber WordPress theme)
  • Plumbers or Contractors (Add single plumber post, group of plumbers, archive plumbing details, Add new Plumber with ease in Plumber WordPress theme)
  • FAQ’s (Add new FAQ’s easily with groups as well)
  • Testimonials (Add new testimonials easily with groups in Plumber WordPress theme)
  • Plumber WordPress Theme Sidebar Options:

Usually, we have sidebars on almost every page which are sometimes useful and sometimes completely useless. One advantage of this self-customization is you can also disable any sidebar that’s not needed anymore from any page. Through this, you can set up both left and right sidebars with the help of WordPress sidebar theme. Plumber WordPress theme provides you many options to select default sidebar position for posts, appointments, services, and pages. Moreover, if you want to use the full-width template of a page you can select template moduled. Which makes it easy to use composer plugin.

  • Plumber WordPress theme Widgets:

We often see different types of sidebars which not only makes a site attractive but are quite useful. In our Plumbing WordPress theme, you can add as many sidebars as you want because we have added some built-in default sidebars location for your ease.

  1. Primary sidebar (Works for all when they are empty.
  2. Plumbing single page sidebar.
  3. Services Page sidebar single service page sidebar.
  4. Shop page sidebar only works when woocommerce is active.
  5. Page Sidebar if you want to use sidebars in pages.
  6. Footer 4 sidebars, 1 2 3 4 you can select numbers from live editor options as well.
  • Plumber WordPress Theme RTL (Right to Left) and Other languages:

Language, the main medium of communication around the globe should be considered while developing a website, which usually people don’t really consider. But here, in this theme, we have added this option of translating the theme into other languages. Plumber WordPress theme supports RTL language support for languages like Arabic etc. This theme is totally translatable through default language file which is located in languages folder. Or you can also download PoEdit and make a new .mo for the translation in your language.

  • Plumber WordPress theme 24/7 Support:

This is our take on gratitude we feel towards the tremendous response and high ratings we receive on every product launched under the tag of Webful Creations. Keeping the sole goal of our team forward that is to help our valued customers in every way possible, our customer service has their doors open for you 24/7. So feel free to contact for any, query, any pre-purchase question or anything that is related to this theme and bothers you.

INSTALL THEME AND RECOMMENDED PLUGINS – Construction and Plumber WordPress theme

People usually don’t know the formal technicalities we got to face while installing a theme. To make it easier for our valued customers, we have a made a video to guide you throughout the installing process along with the process of installing all the above-recommended plugins. Watch the video below so you can easily install our Plumber WordPress theme.

Installing Demo data make your Plumber WordPress Theme exact like Our Demo

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