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We all know education is a very important part of our society now days. Education WordPress theme is a great product for educational institutes. The importance of education is greater than ever before today. A mother starts giving basic education to her new born from a very beginning. Then kindergarten, schools, colleges, universities come in way of getting education whole life. Actually that’s not over or all. After completing education we still want to do some extra education. We want to do some diplomas, courses, training sessions, training workshops. We do these courses or sessions to get extra education and skills. So we can know new languages or skills or to improve our self for today’s competitive world.

Because of great demand as everyone want to learn something new at any stage of their life. To fill this demand there are millions of educational institutes all over globe of different type. As we want to select best institutes to get further education or to find institute for our loved ones.

Why Educational Institutes need a website?

While everyone want to improve themselves by getting new skills or education they are also very busy in their life. Its very hard for someone to find a good institute for getting relevant education. Before selecting a proper institute people have some basic questions in their mind which they want to be answered. That’s why a website is very important for an educational institute which can give answer to them for few questions.

  • Where educational institute is located?
  • See gallery of education institute to know details about it
  • What courses they are offering
  • Duration of courses, time table of classes
  • Contents of courses and how they will get a certificate or degree
  • What are some upcoming events in institute?
  • What’s faculty and how good they are at what they teach?
  • Reviews of people what they say about institute?
  • Does institute have any book or stationary shop if yes which products they have?
  • How to contact them to get more details

These are some basic questions a new student or relative of student need to get answer before deciding the institute. This is why a website is very important for educational institute. Which can give a detail how and what this institute offer.

Not a website only should be present the website should be completely professional and designed great. As people do not have much time to read the full content of the website. People decide what this website telling them from an immediate look. That’s why a design of website should be very comfortable to deliver the message fast.

Why Educational Institutes should use WordPress for their websites?

WordPress powers more than 60% World’s websites. Its a complete and great content management system for any website. An educational institute’s website should be built in WordPress for various reasons.

WordPress Themes

There are thousands Education WordPress themes are available for free and premium as well. So you do not need to invest a big amount on Design, HTML/CSS and then WordPress theme conversion. With time when the design or theme you are using get older or out of trend. You will be easily able to change the theme to some latest great design. So you will not lose your content, your urls, images or anything. Just look of your education WordPress website will be changed in cost effective way.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress have thousands free and premium WordPress plugins. These plugins can help you add additional features into your website easily. For example if you do not have education store in your education WordPress website. Just install a eCommerce plugin and your website is now have a store. There are so many such plugins which can help you. To get the things you want in your website easily.

Other WordPress benefits

There are infinite WordPress benefits. But i will try to explain few for your education WordPress website.

  • Easy to install and Update and keep your website secure
  • Effectively backup and easy to manage the backup and import/export
  • Speed optimization, security management and SEO friendly websit support
  • Easy to find help online forums or find a developer for your website
  • Beautiful back end with great ease to add new posts/pages or anything
  • Customizing your education website is like a hot cake in WordPress

Why Education WordPress Theme is best theme

As you know there are hundreds of theme available for education WordPress theme. So its very important question why you should chose our Education WordPress theme. I will try to explain some details why education WordPress theme is best WordPress theme for educational websites.

Any Institute like learning language centers, computer course centers, academies, schools, universities, colleges, training centers. Can use webful Creations Education WordPress theme. With hundreds of available options in theme its no doubt a best education WordPress theme.

Top Rate Education WordPress Theme

Top Rated Education WordPress ThemeThanks to our 500+ Education WordPress theme customers who have liked this theme and no one have given less than 5 stars. If you want to read reviews of Education WordPress theme you can find them below this post. You can read all reviews from users here. So why not to select a Education WordPress theme which does not have a single negative review. Our customers are our priority and we always try to give them best support. That’s the reason people love our products and services. Let me share one of my great customer’s feedback with you guys here. A very happy customer Nguyendh who loved education WordPress theme. What this great customer have to say about our Education WordPress theme. This is not all its just one feedback from many feedback you can find here.

Great looking education theme. Very easy to customize. This is my first wordpress work and it is smooth. The author’s support is exceptional. He is knowledgeable and responds quickly. Highly recommend this theme.

– Nguyendh

Design of Education WordPress Theme

When a student or anyone who is looking for Education Websites. Search the keyword in Google they get thousands of results. It is very important your website stands out more than any other website. Today people do not have time to read the complex descriptions. So your website should give them details they want by one view. So from all websites they have opened your website give them most related information easily.

Webful Creations have designed education WordPress theme by spending months in search of great education websites and themes. We care our customers so they get best product from the money they spend. Our Design’s color scheme, layout and structure is best rated on available Education WordPress Themes. Please take a look to demo and you will see design speaks itself for education WordPress theme. We have arranged teachers, students, courses, events, posts, news, notices in a wonderful way.

Education WordPress theme

So do you see we have got a great designed Education WordPress theme. Do not take my words click the image above to launch the demo and see it yourself. The latest trendy design makes the Education WordPress theme a great option for educational institutes. So if you are going to start a education WordPress website the Education WordPress theme is right choice. As its compatible with Schools, Colleges, Universities, Learning Centers, Academies, Learning institutes etc.

Some of built in features in design’s cooperation are listed below. These are not complete features there are many more.

  • Revolution Slider (FREE)
  • Information Boxes for educational introduction.
  • About institute section
  • Courses With single course page
  • Teachers with Single teacher page
  • Teachers and courses connection
  • Events module and single event page.
  • Events and courses and teachers connection
  • Campus gallery of various types
  • Amazing built in banners
  • Testimonials Section designed nicely
  • Brands or Partners
  • News section
  • Call to action and footer
  • 3 Styles of Header  and unlimited possibilities

Performance of Education WordPress Theme

If you are not a coder or have pulled your hair for SEO. Then you would may not care about this step. But we know as we have experience. How important site speed performance, and responsiveness on different devices is important. We are happy to announce Education WordPress theme is great in speed, and even better in responsiveness. Let’s explore a little more detail about these features of Education WordPress theme.

Is Education WordPress theme responsive to all devices?

Oh! Yes that’s a great question and infarct a very important question.  Today there are a lot of devices with each different screen resolution. You can never guess from which device a potential student or teacher visiting your website. So education WordPress theme which is going to make your website end product should be responsive completely. We are very happy to let you know education WordPress theme works great on all kind of devices. No matter if you are in 300px wide screen or 3000px wide screen. Education WordPress theme can adjust itself very nicely.

Fast loading Education WordPress Theme

So if you are going to visit your website from Desktop, Mobile or tablet there is nothing to worry. Education WordPress theme can load and work great on all these devices. Its not that your website will load fine education WordPress theme will make your website look stunning as well. Let’s see below how google says our Education WordPress theme compatibility with mobile devices.

Fast Education WordPress theme


Is Education WordPress theme loading speed is good?

Ask yourself if you open a website. And it does not load for first 8 seconds will you stay or skip? Definitely you will leave the website. Same rule applies to your students they will not sit and wait your website to load for long time. Your Education Website should be very fast to load. And should deliver the message to visitor in few minutes.

Education WordPress theme great Performance

This is made possible with Education WordPress theme. We know that most of people complain about WordPress that WordPress is a slow platform. Actually not whole fault is of WordPress. Some themes are built the way which includes so many stylesheets, plugins, javaScript files and images. Which makes the size and speed really slow. We have kept all these things in our mind. While creating Education WordPress theme.

Please note our demo includes high resolution images. But while using high resolution images education WordPress theme is producing outstanding loading speed which is great. You can check yourself the Loading speed of Education WordPress theme. Using Pingdom tools or Google Insights tools.

Education WordPress theme customization

As our WordPress education theme is great designed and fills whole need of educational websites. But its not necessary the colors, styles, layout, pages and images are liked by customers. So it should be very important for a customer to customize their Education WordPress theme as per their needs. For this purpose education WordPress theme offers two type of customization.

1 – WordPress Customize Live Editor

Education WordPress theme provides a powerful WordPress live customize. Education WordPress theme includes hundreds built in options. These options work as default options for Education WordPress theme. There are so many options like header styling, header types. Footer styling footer types , background colors, background images, styling everything. WordPress live customize tool is powered with Education WordPress theme to provide unlimited options. You can make your website anyway you want from these existing options available in education WordPress theme. Check the screenshots below.

Education WordPress theme live customize options

Some of the details of features available in Education WordPress theme’s customization are listed below. Please note these are not complete features what education WordPress theme offers these are only few.

  • Site Identity
  • General Options
  • Typography Options
  • Top Bar Options
  • Header Options
  • Inner Pages styles/layouts
  • Social links, Address, Phone, time
  • Footer Settings styles/layout

2 – Education WordPress Theme Page Customize Options

When you have setup default values in WordPress customize live editor. And for some pages if you want to display special settings. You can do that easily from available options. Which are available in WordPress pages, posts, courses, events, teachers. Means you can make any page anyway you want. Powerful page options gives you ability to make any page’s layout the way you want. There are some separate options for teachers, courses and events.

Education WordPress Theme Page Customizer Options

3 – Education WordPress Theme Page builder

Education WordPress theme includes a powerful composer plugin. Which makes Editing of Pages very easy and comfortable. By easy drag and drop. You can create new rows, columns. And add new elements to the rows or columns. Education WordPress theme have its own elements as well. And you have many other elements of plugin as well. So you can make unlimited versions or variations of a page or module. Some of education elements are. Courses, Teachers, Title section, banners, Information boxes and many more.

Education WordPress Theme Page builder

4 – Education WordPress Theme Custom Post Types

Education WordPress theme includes some custom post types. These custom post types make it sure this theme is great for Educational Websites. As these post types are required by educational websites. That’s why this is necessary to have these post types.

  • Courses post type
  • Teachers post type
  • Events post type
  • FAQ’s Post type
  • Testimonials post type

These post types will make life easy for you to use your Education WordPress website.

5 – Education WordPress Theme Sidebar Options

Education WordPress theme sidebar locationsEducation WordPress theme’s options both default and page options. Gives you ability to align sidebar left, right sidebar or disable sidebar. You can set this for whole site from WordPress theme customize options. Or you can set sidebar position for a single post, page, teacher, course or event as well.

6 – Education WordPress theme Widgets

We have included different sidebars for different post types and pages. So the built in Sidebars available in Education WordPress theme are.

  • Primary Sidebar Works as default when no other sidebars are empty or have no widgets
  • Pages Sidebar Education
  • Courses Page sidebar
  • Events Sidebar
  • Shop Sidebar
  • Teacher Sidebar
  • 4 Sidebars for Footer 1, 2, 3 , 4

7 – Education WordPress Theme RTL (Right to Left) and Other languages

Education WordPress theme is translatable. You can make your website in any language. Its very easy to run your WordPress education Site into any language. Using Education WordPress theme.

Education WordPress theme supports RTL very nicely. We have also built demo of Arabic version to show you how it works. So you can run Education WordPress theme in any language and in both RTL and LTR directions as well.

RTL Education WordPress Theme

Arabic Version Demo Education WordPress Theme

So Education WordPress theme in arabic is a great feature available. Which makes life hell easy to build the website in any language.

8 – Education WordPress theme 24/7 Support

Our Dedicated Customer support is available 24/7 to assist you. We are very happy to take before sale and after sale questions. If you have any question or feedback please contact us. Our great customer feedback always tells that the customer support we provide is outclass. We can help you to get your education website done in anyway you want.

9 – Some more features

I tried to explain the features of Education WordPress theme. But again they are not complete features. Education WordPress theme includes every possibility. From Sticky navigation to Disabled footer as well.

  • Revolution slider included
  • WooCommerce supported and included in demo
  • RTL Supported and included in Demo

Installing Education theme, Plugins and Importing demo data

Please watch the video below which explains well. How you can install Education Theme, Demo data and its plugins.

More videos to use Education WordPress Theme

However you will get documentation with your purchase. But we have built some videos to guide you basic things. The playlist of videos below is related to Education WordPress theme.

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