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Its really known how important our teeth are. The same importance dentists have in our daily life to maintain our smile. So if dentists and teeth are so important. How can we refuse the importance of Dentist WordPress theme. Actually dentists, people, clinics and dental websites are related to each others in many ways. So in this digital world Dentist WordPress theme have its own importance to establish relationship of dentists and patients.

dentist wordpress theme responsive on desktop tablet and mobile

Dentists play very important role in society. Dentists help us a lot to maintain our smile and let our teeth look awesome. We also created a dentist HTML template but we knew dentists are not html guys. Dentist need Dentist WordPress theme to manage their website nicely. People need dentists for various reasons  and people care to find best dentists cause their teeth means a lot. We also have one more dentist html template which was released in 2016. But our recently designed Dentist WordPress theme is amazing which includes features of above both mentioned templates.

Why a dentist should have website?

People need dentists for many reasons. Some need them for cosmetics dentistry. Few people need them for dental and gum injuries. People also need dentists for preventive and general dentistry as well emergency dentistry. Also people need Dentists for dental implants and many other dental related services. Dentist WordPress theme is able to answer all the questions for related to the above mentioned services and more.

As everyone is busy in their own world. So its very difficult for people to find good dentist for them. This is the reason a dentist should have a good website. Which can answer all questions of visitors and possible patients. When people search for a dentist and they reach your dental website. They have some basic questions in their mind. Like time table, phone number, staff, services, recent news. The other most important things a dentist should have in his/her website are. Clinic Gallery, After/Before dental gallery, where dentist is located, how to get appointment from dentist and the services dentist offer. These are the details which can help a visitor to select a dentist really quickly.

  • Where dentist is located? (The contact Dentist)
  • What are working hours of dentist (When can get appointment from dentist)?
  • Does other people say good words about this dental clinic or dentist? (The Testimonials of dentist)
  • How good the dental clinic looks like? (The Gallery of Dentist)
  • Is dentist alone or more dentists or other staff members available in dental clinic? (Dentist Staff)
  • The Qualifications, Experience and the skills dentist have? (Single Dentist Page)
  • List of dental services or details of services dentist offer? (Dental Services)
  • The Dental shop if they have what type of dental products they offer? (Dentist Shop)
  • After/Before Dental patients gallery so people can know what results they will get

A well designed Dentist WordPress theme can give above answers in a look. We tried to explain it well above, that why a dentist should have a good website. So its obvious a dentist, dental clinic, medical, hospital should have a good website. Now second big question is what platform a dentist should use for his/her website. We will try to explain this in coming up section.

Why a dentist should use WordPress for his/her website?

We have many reasons to select WordPress for a dentist’s website. Dentists are good with teeth but they are not good with code. They don’t know how they can edit or update html websites through source codes. WordPress can help dentists to update existing pages, adding new pages or creating new pages. Changing time table, address, adding images, expanding clinic gallery. Adding new news posts, because WordPress is very similar to Microsoft word processor when it come to visual editing. Dentists also can add new results of after/before dental gallery really easily. Using the WordPress dentists get peace of mind to keep their website updated as per they want.

Above mentioned benefits of WordPress are related to Dental WordPress theme. But WordPress have many more benefits that these. We would try to describe a few in sections below.

WordPress Themes

After installation of WordPress you would definitely not like the default twentyseventeen WordPress theme. Because the default WordPress theme is too simple to use for a dentist website. The Default WordPress theme does not have all features what a dentist can need for his/her website. But the good news is WordPress have thousands medical related WordPress themes some of them are free, some premium. These themes can give a new look to your website and new features.

Let’s say you select this our dentist WordPress theme cause you like the design of our dental WordPress theme. You find all features in it you require. But in future you might would like to change the WordPress theme. You would lose no data no posts no pages just select another WordPress theme. Install activate and your website have completely new look for dentist WordPress website. So its really easy to build a dental clinic Website in WordPress.

WordPress Plugins

WordPress’s main power is actually its plugins. WordPress have thousands free and premium WordPress plugins. These plugins are ready to use just install and activate them and a new feature is included into your website. Right now there might be everything what you can think available in WordPress plugins. WordPress plugins are same like android or IOs apps, when you need to add new feature in your mobile you install app. And when you need to add new feature in your Dental WordPress website you install plugin. For example popup, contact forms, calendars, appointment calendars, speed optimization, security, SEO, social sharing. These are some plugins features but there is almost everything you can think and search for your dental WordPress website.

Other WordPress benefits

As you know WordPress have huge community of users and developers. Its really easy to find support or help related to your dentist WordPress website. Below i am also trying to explain few more WordPress benefits.

  • Easy to install and Update and keep your website secure
  • Effectively backup and easy to manage the backup and import/export
  • Speed optimization, security management and SEO friendly website support
  • Easy to find help online forums or find a developer for your dental website
  • Beautiful back end with great ease to add new posts/pages or anything
  • Customizing your dentist website is like a hot cake in WordPress

So until here i have explained why a dentist should have Website. Also why a dentist should have WordPress website. Now in coming section i am going to explain about Dentist WordPress theme. You should check the live demo from above provided link. The demo can explain you stuff more better than me about dentist WordPress theme.

Why Dentist WordPress theme is best for dentists and medical clinics

Its very important question which is in everyone’s mind. While they are exploring different dental WordPress themes. That why they should select Dentist WordPress theme for their dental clinic or medical website. When there are so many more dental WordPress themes available. Some are free and some are premium. There is no question that free WordPress themes include some back links to authors. These back links can compromise your SEO as well.  Some free Dental WordPress themes have security issues and they provide back doors to hackers. Free Dental WordPress themes also have not many features or options available with older design and average look. There is a big NO! for free Dental WordPress themes.

Dentist WordPress theme by Webful Creations is a big YES!. This awesome dental WordPress theme is latest in design and technology. Using the awesome composer page builder its really easy to manage and play with dentist WordPress theme. We have experience of working with more than 3000 dentist’s websites and we know what they need. We have included everything in our dental clinic WordPress theme what a dentist can need. Dentist WordPress theme can be used by any medical, clinic, hospital, doctor, dentists. Dentist WordPress theme can be used by other medical related field practitioners. Please checkout the demo from live preview link above and you will know everything you need is in dentist WordPress theme. I am going to explain few benefits of dentist WordPress theme below.

Top Rated Dentist WordPress Theme

We would like to thank our valued customers. Who always love our WordPress themes and support they get on our themes and scripts. That’s why our customers always love to provide us great feedback with a big heart. Dentist WordPress theme with latest trendy and clean design also cause of available features. Moreover ease of usage dental WordPress theme was able to get positive feedback from its users. Actually the way theme perform and available options amaze users about dentist WordPress theme. Find below what a customer ninjadesigns have said about dentist WordPress theme with 5 star rating.

WOW! I could not say anything more than wow for this dentist niche theme. Mostly niche themes do not have many features or options. But dental clinic WordPress theme is rich for options and great design. The most amazing thing is support i got. I paid 59$ for this theme but the support and product i got worth more than 1000$. Again thanks Webful Creations keep great themes development up.


Design of Dentist WordPress Theme

When a visitor or possible patient reach a dentist’s website anyhow from google, Facebook or any source. They have some basic questions in their mind. The visitor is not ready to read all content what a dentist have put on his/her website for visitor. As visitor already have got some more results of your competitors. So its very important for a dentist’s website to answer everything what visitor is having in his/her mind. A good dentist website design can give all answers in one scroll of page. Like what dental services, staff members, time table, appointment procedure, payment plans and such related questions.

Webful Creations is aware well how a dentist’s website design can make a big difference to get more customers. We invest a reasonable time to explore real dentist’s websites. With the search of many days we got to this amazing dentist WordPress theme design. Our Design of dentist WordPress theme includes everything what a dentist can need for his/her website. Look the preview below to see the full demo click the live preview link in button above.

dentist WordPress theme

So you can see well how nicely the Dentist WordPress theme is designed. The features and options detail will come later in this article. The blue, green, orange dentist colors makes the design of dental WordPress theme amazing. The most amazing thing is After/Before dental gallery. This After/Before gallery will enable your customers to know the results and performance of dental clinic easily.

There is not much need to explain the designed sections as preview above describe them well. But we are going to explain some main features of design below of Dentist WordPress theme.

  • Top bar With several options like Social icons, phone number, address, menu or anything, highly customiz.
  • Header 3 types with center logo, left logo, and right navigation and full width navigation
  • Slider , revolution slider enables you to make unlimited sliders. Slider form with contact form 7 makes an amazing contact form.
  • Information boxes and About section for dentists
  • Services of two styles and 4 types of columns with single dental service pages.
  • Dentists head dentist and other junior dentists with single dentist page as well.
  • After/before Gallery for patients results
  • Dental Clinic gallery Masonry and grid
  • Testimonials, FAQ’s , Appointments, Contact, Pricing table.
  • Woo Commerce support for Dental Shop and Single dental product page
  • Blog , recent news sections special designed
  • Footer with unlimited options to make unlimited variations

Performance of Dentist WordPress Theme

Its very important for not only dentist WordPress theme but all other WordPress themes. To perform better for humans and machines(Bots) as well. If your website loading speed is good, security is better, website is responsive to all devices and search engine compatibility is high. Then there is no chance your website can go down anytime. Dentist WordPress theme perform really nicely for all humans and search engine bots in all devices and browsers. We are trying to explain these dental WordPress theme’s extra benefits below.

Responsiveness on different devices of – Dentist WordPress theme

dentist wordpress theme responsive on desktop tablet and mobile

Yes its important your dental website should perform better in all devices. You don’t know where the visitor is loading your website from. A possible patient can reach your dental website from desktop, tablet or mobile phone. So its necessary your dental website should perform better in all these devices. We are happy to announce dentist WordPress theme performs great in all devices and browsers. Dentist WordPress theme support Desktop, Tablets and mobiles. Dentist WordPress theme is compatible to all major web browsers for all devices as well. If you use Dentist WordPress theme for your website you should be relax. No matter where the visitor is coming from or which device he/she using your website will load great.

Loading Speed of – Dentist WordPress theme

Dentist WordPress theme enables you to make a fast loading dental WordPress website. This is the main benefit of using dental niche WordPress theme for your dental website. If you use multipurpose WordPress theme you are loading several files in user’s computer. Which does not required by you or your patients. Dentist WordPress theme is very light weight WordPress theme which makes the website speed awesome. No one can sit and keep waiting on your website to load. The website should load within 3 seconds of user reach. Dental WordPress theme makes it possible to make a fast loading website. Its really awesome coded dentist WordPress theme which loads only required items by dentists website.

Security Of – Dentist WordPress theme

Security of website is very important to secure your all investment and time on your website. Dentist WordPress theme is completely secure and threat free. Just keep your WordPress and all other plugins updated. Also keep an eye on theme updates and when necessary update the theme. Dentist WordPress theme is completely secure and fast WordPress theme. We guarantee your security and benefit from our best dental WordPress theme.

Search Engine Compatibility of – Dentist WordPress theme

Almost everyone have an aim in his/her mind before creating their website. The main aim is to get traffic from search engines. We know our dentist WordPress theme customers also have something similar in mind. So they can get more dental patients in their clinic from search engines. We know very well what search engine likes and what search engine wants. From how to use h1, where to use h2, where to use h3. We also taken care where to use meta values. So we can guarantee we do and did 100% search engine friendly coding and development. From navigation to footer everything is according to human eye and search engine readability.

Dentist WordPress theme customization

Yes the dentist WordPress theme is great WordPress theme for dentists. The Dentist WordPress theme includes everything from color scheme to FAQ’s what a dentist can need for their website. But still people have unique requirements and requests. Dental WordPress theme is highly customize able WordPress theme. With its amazing page builder and hundreds live editor options. You can make unlimited dentist website variations. Dental WordPress theme is a complete tool kit for medical website. So don’t delay start your dental Clinic WordPress website today. We will try to explain the features in more detail for dentist clinic WordPress theme below. So you can realize yourself how easy medical related website creation is.

1 – WordPress Customize Live Editor

dentistry WordPress theme live customize editor options

The Dentist WordPress theme is bundled with powerful customize options in WordPress live editor. The hundreds available options give you ability to set the default options for whole website or theme. Powerful default options for colors, typography, sidebars, sections and layout for all types of pages and posts in dental WordPress theme. Makes the dental WordPress theme able to make unlimited variations and 3 types of headers as well. Dental WordPress theme includes options more than any multi purpose theme as well. Dentist WordPress theme is really powerful when you want to customize or play with colors or anything.

Some of the details of features available in Dentist WordPress theme’s customization are listed below. Please note these are not complete features what dentist WordPress theme able to do these are only few.

  • Site Identity
  • General Options
  • Typography Options
  • Top Bar Options
  • Header Options
  • Inner Pages styles/layouts
  • Social links, Address, Phone, time
  • Footer Settings styles/layout

2 – Dental WordPress Theme Page Customize Options

Dentist WordPress theme pages customize options

WordPress live editor have dentist WordPress theme default options for headers footers, colors , typography and everything.  But in some pages you want to display different stuff in different layout, style and colors. We know that and that’s why we have included a powerful page options panel in all pages and post types. You can set unique stuff for single dentist, single dental service, single page or post as well. So the default settings will only work until you do not set the special page settings. Dentist WordPress theme’s page layout/styles are very powerful options. These options enable you to make unlimited variations and styles of your pages. Is this not amazing?

3 – Dentist WordPress Theme Page builder

dental wordpress theme composer plugin and page builder options

I am not sure if you need further explanation about dentist WordPress theme’s page builder. Seeing the graphic above you can assume it well how easily you can add new rows and sections. How easily you can add new columns drag and move the columns and rows and how easily you can create new sections.

DentalClinic elements are specially designed elements for Dentist WordPress website. These dental WordPress theme elements makes it amazing and easy for a user to add new services, titles, doctors and anything. Using this powerful page Builder or composer plugins you can make unlimited page variations.

This Dentist WordPress theme is very powerful for options default options, the page unique options and the page builder. You will stuck no where with shortcodes using or anything its really nice and easy to use this dental WordPress theme.

4 – Dentistry WordPress Theme Custom Post Types

dentist WordPress theme post types

We do not do as other theme authors do that we create only pages for all type of pages. The power of Dentist WordPress theme is it have unique and separate post types for each category of pages. Having separate post types for dentists, services, testimonials and faq’s enables you to customize their pages once and easily. This also help the slugs to become more Search engine friendly and unique. With the power of separate post types in dentist WordPress theme you become more powerful to keep your data clean. This also helps you to keep your data separate and easy to design different than other site pages. Please check single Dentist page and single service page to know how many options you have. You have extra options for dentists and dental services pages in these post types. You can keep the design of these post types unique from options in live editor and page options as well.

  • Dental Services and single dental service
  • Dentist and Single dentist page
  • Testimonials and Faq’s to add them really easy and nicely

5 – Dentist WordPress Theme Sidebar Options

Education WordPress theme sidebar locations

Here is another powerful thing about dentist WordPress theme is sidebar options. You can deactivate sidebar, select right sidebar or left sidebar. For any type of pages or posts. You can select sidebar position for whole site by setting default in live customize. Also you can select sidebar position for a page separately from page options in a page or post. Dentists, dental services, pages, products, posts everything can have its own way to display sidebar. Deactivate Sidebar, Left Sidebar, Right sidebar are the powerful options of dentist WordPress theme.

6 – Dental WordPress theme Widgets

dentist WordPress theme widget Areas

However you can create unlimited sidebars in dentist WordPress theme. But we have made some built in sidebars for a dental website. These sidebars work the way if a sidebar is empty the primary sidebar will work there.  Means if you are in dental service page and its Services sidebar is empty the primary sidebar will work there. Here are some sidebars listed below for dentist WordPress theme.

  • Primary Sidebar for Dental Blog and all pages which have empty sidebar
  • Pages sidebar works with Default WordPress pages if empty primary will take place
  • Dentist Sidebar special design and manage through dental pages
  • Shop sidebar only Work and display when Woo Commerce is active
  • Services sidebar works on dental service pages
  • 4 Sidebars for footer 1 2 3 4

7 – Dentist WordPress Theme RTL (Right to Left) and Other languages

This world have become a global village with internet. We know our Dentist Clinic WordPress theme would be used in many countries with different languages. It is very important for a WordPress theme to be translate able in any language. We are happy to let you know Dental WordPress theme is completely RTL right to left supported for arabic type languages. Also the theme is ready to translate in any language. To translate dentist WordPress theme you can use poEdit and make your language file. So is this not so easy to translate your website in your language using dental clinic WordPress theme?

8 – Dental WordPress theme 24/7 Support

We at Webful Creations cares about our customers a lot. People love our products because they love our support. No matter how good the theme is and how good the features are. People need support to get things going. With dentist WordPress theme you get a promise of dedicated customer support. We value your questions before and after sale equally. Being part of our customer’s database you will never stuck anywhere and get extra ordinary support. Our support will make your experience to build dental WordPress website amazing and easy. Let’s work together to launch a beautiful dental Website today!

9 – Some more features

We tried to explain the features of Dentist WordPress theme. But again they are not complete features. Dentist WordPress theme includes every possibility. From Sticky navigation to Disabled footer as well.

  • Revolution slider included
  • WooCommerce supported and included in demo
  • RTL Supported and included in Demo

Installing Dentist WordPress Theme and recommended plugins

In a fresh WordPress installation or running WordPress website sign in to wp-admin. Go to Appearance >> Themes and upload theme from your download package Activate theme and you will find option to install and activate all recommended plugins as well its very simple. We have also made a video which explains. How you can install Dentist WordPress theme and all its recommended plugins in youtube video below.

Install Dentist WordPress theme’s demo data

Its very easy to make your website similar to our live preview. In your download package you get a folder name demo. In demo folder you can find readme.txt and demo data. Readme.txt explains how you can install demo data. This is very simple and easy to make your website similar to dentist WordPress theme. We have also made a video below which explains you how you can install demo data.

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