HTML, PHP, ASP, ExpressionEngine website to WordPress CMS

We have Experience to convert more than 1000 websites from HTML to WordPress, There are many people who are always looking to get their old websites converted to WordPress.

Why you should go for WordPress?

Since you know the more than 75% websites are in WordPress so you should have question why so many websites are in WordPress? The answer is very simple, you can easily find a WordPress web developer anywhere, you can easily find a solution for any problem for your website for example if you have low speed in your webstie WordPress gives you thousands of plugins to speed up your website. There are so many plugins like contact forms, Forums, Schedulers, SEO performance plugins, Speed performance, Security plugins. And almost everything what you can think to implement on your website.

Its very easy to manage a WordPress website without touching a single line of code you can create as many pages for your website as you want, WordPress gives you ability to manage your Navigation items easily so on.

Have an HTML or PHP or ASP website?

So if you have HTML or PHP website or ASP website even if you have a PSD design for your website we are here to help you. We will not only simply convert your website to WordPress but we will enhance the speed and make sure your website is 100% Search engine friendly and compatible to W3C standards as well.


  1. You would need to provide me your ASP, PHP or html site link which you want to convert into WordPress website.
  2. If your website is not live you can send me zip folder of your website as well.
  3. Brief details what you are looking for to handle in WordPress like only blog, pages, or you want to handle header footer navigation as well.
  4. Special notes if you want to tell me like if i would upload content i would install WordPress for you and other stuff.

What i will do for you?

  1. I will take your static, PHP or ASP website and convert into WordPress.
  2. I will make a 100% similar WordPress website from your given sample and upload it on your given server details (if not available in start i will use my server)
  3. Website would have theme options panel where you can handle or change logo, footer copyright info, header phone, header notification and other site’s special areas.
  4. Sidebar and footer columns would be widgets and any other areas which you want to change with ease would be widgets.
  5. Nice blog with Pagination on it as well, Social sharing buttons if you need, Facebook or google+ or WordPress comments on blog posts. Author information on blog post.
  6. Using special WordPress performance techniques i will make sure your website perform fast and load speed is low as google want your website to load faster.
  7. Will upload 15 to 20 pages content for you as well. If you have more posts or pages than 20 please take a separate quote for that or you can do that yourself i will guide you how to transfer content or create new pages or posts.
  8. Will make your forms working and make sure they send you email nicely.
  9. I will install SEO setup as well to make sure your website 100% Search engine friendly and you get best from your website.
  10. There would be unlimited revisions unless you are satisfy with your conversion.

Please note: There would be not added any new features into your website in this job if you have to request new features kindly take a separate quote thanks.

Please Note: If your current website is Responsive or mobile friendly your new WordPress site would be same as well. If not responsive but you want it responsive that would be other job which we can discuss.

Briefing Details

  1. You would provide me full details about your website. Does not matter if you have access to website or not but i have to see it live or send me in zip folder.
  2. Your website would have theme options widgets, Menus where you can handle everything about your website.
  3. Full width template, left sidebar template, right sidebar template also included for pages.
  4. Installation of SEO, Social plugins, comments(google+,facebook or WordPress), Author biography on blog posts and pagination on blog categories and tags.
  5. I will upload 15 to 20 pages content for you will create forms as well.
  6. Can develop in my testing server unless you have your server information.
  7. Send me your server details i will transfer website.
  8. Revisions unless you are satisfy and happy about your conversion.

If you have questions before you order the service kindly send your inquiry here.

    What Other say about our Service!

  1. candersblue

    Very good service, i had an html website which i wanted in WordPress but i wanted same old design in WordPress i hired Webfulcreations and they did the magic! Thank you..

  2. perronem99

    Thank you so much! Not only were you patient as I gave you the information you needed, you finished the job in less than 24 hours so I can start building my site right away!