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Responsive Education WordPress Template

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Installing Wordpress

First of All install wordpress If you dont know how to install wordpress follow this link.

Installing Theme

You have received theme in 2 forms in your download package, 1) Unzipped folder, named education 2) Zipped package named

  1. Upload it via FTP(safer)
    • In your download package locate folder education Theme Folder
    • This main theme folder should include files like, index.php, 404.php , archive.php, screenshot.png, style.css you can check to make sure correct theme folder.
    • upload whole education folder to /wp-content/themes/ in your WordPress installation
    • login to admin panel in WordPress, and go to Appearance->Themes and click Activate below Education theme
  2. Upload it via admin panel(can get error while upload on slower connections)
    • In your download package please locate the file file)
    • go to Appearance->Themes->Install Themes(Tab)->Upload and choose file
    • go to Appearance->Themes and click "Activate" below Education theme Please

Installing Plugins

After activating theme you wll notice a notificaton bar asking you to install required and recommended plugins, Page Builder: King composer, WebfulCreations Utilities, Contact Form 7 and WooCommerce.
Click Begin Installing Plugins, install all plugins and activate them so theme can have its all features in it.

install plugins

After Installation

Now you are seeing all theme sectinos like, Teachers, courses, events, Testimonials, Products, Rev slider, Now its time to do some basic settings.

Setting Permalinks

Sign in Wordpress Admin Go to Settings >> Permalinks And set permalinks post-name for search engine Friendly URl's

Setting Permalinks

Add Services, Doctors to Menu Page

After Installing Wordpress, Theme, and Required Plugins Go to Appearance >> Menu Click on Screen Options on top right. And make checkbox to post types you want to use in Menu items.

Menu Optimization

Please visit >> Appearance >> Customize for most of site settings.

Demo Installation

Before installing demo make sure , Theme and all recommended plugins are installed and activated. Please follow steps below to install demo data exact like our demo site.

To install demo data please install Education WordPress theme to your WordPress.
After theme installation activate theme and install all recommended or required plugins.
Now please go to Appearance >> Demo import and import your demo data.
Note: Its very important all plugins are installed and active before you start installing demo data.

Setup Home Page

Setup home page is basically guidence how to use Elements and other features of theme so you can setup all pages easily.

Create 2 new pages let's name them, 1) Home 2) News/Blog

Go to Settings >> Reading Front page Display A static Page and select pages.

Now edit Pages >> Home and in Templates on sidebar, select modules.

Turn off Title Section Scroll Down and you will see options Page Layout/Style. Display title section turn it off.

Add Revolution Slider

Add new Row of 1 Column. Click on Add element in Wordpress Tab Click Revolution Slider, and select the slider you want to display.

Strecth Row Width 100%

To add other elements Please add new row, and add your element you want to include in that row. Everything well explain itself. Like screenshot below.

Row inside Row

So you added a row, and inserted a title element into it. Below Title you want to add 3 columns for pricing table. Just click on inner row. and follow these screens.

All Elements, Rows are defined in more details in later sections of this documentation.

Customization Options

Go to apperance >> customize from admin panel, you will see following options there.

Site Identity

This is where you can set Site name, Logo and FavIcon

General Options

Here you can set site for boxed layout, Its background color and image.

Here you can also set preloader background color, and animation color as well. Also you can disbale preloader.

Here you can also Disable, Site scroller

Typography Options

Here you can select Typography google fonts for Headings, Navigation and Main font family.

Top Bar Options

Styling gives you ability to change background, text color, and links colors.

Left section you can select, Menu, Social icons, or Text fields to display.

Same 3 options as left have.

Header bar logo Options

This section gives you ability to change colors, of header background, links, navigation background, links color much more. For logo please go to site identity in customize options.

Inner Pages Styles and layouts Options

Title Section: You can disable, Change background image, and colors.

Blog Page: Select Sidebar Position, Disable meta info, disable read more link, content display, excerpt or content, excerpt length,

Single Post Page: Select Sidebar Position, Disable meta, Disable tags, Disable social sharing, Disable author box, Disable comments.

Default Page: Select Sidebar Position.

Single Course Page: Select Sidebar Position.

Single Event and teacher Page: Almot all options are setable here.

Shop Page: Select Sidebar Position, Products per row, products per page.

Social links and address Options

Setup social links, and address for headr top and other sections of site like footer widget.

Footer Settings Options

Call to action Select background, icon, text, button link, button text, button color etc.

Footer top Widget areas 2, 3, 4. Background image, background color, headings color, link color, hover color text color and more.

Footer Bottom Copyright information, disable or enable, left side content, right side content to display.

Customization By Single Post, Page, Service, Veterinary or product.

This theme have Page, layout or styling settings on every single service, page, post, veterinary and products. On post editor scroll down to see the page layout options.

Title Section

Title Section For the post you are editing you can set title settings which will work only for that post/page service, or doctor to set global settings please go to Apperance >> Customizer

Sidebar Options

Select sidebar position for the post you are editing, for global settings go to Appearance >> Customize

Call To Action

This area gives you ability to set unique call to actions for specefic page/post, service, veterinary, product. For global settings go to Apperance >> customize.

Footer top

Styling footer top area, Define how many widgets to use for Global settings go to Appearance >> Customize

Footer Bottom

Footer bottom styling, colors etc. global settings please go to Apperance >> Customizer

Page Layout / Boxed

Boxed layout and background for boxed layout. global settings please go to Apperance >> Customizer

Using Page Builder or Elements

There are many elements every element have hints in it to use, Veterinary Care tab include all elements this theme added. Using rows and some elements detail is below.

Teacher Post Type

Teacher have some special features, like speciality, testimonial group, Indvidual veterinary contact form, social links, and more options. Please use shortcode below to create Progress bar in teacher page if you are not using page elements. with page builder.

Available Shortcodes
            	[wc_progressbar wc_progress_label="Cosmetic" wc_pgoress_type="primary" wc_progress_percentage="85"]

In above shortcode, Label is what is heading of progress bar
type actually change color, available types: primary, secondary, alert, warning, success
Percentage: is how much progress bar is covered.

Options for Single Vet

Other Post Types

Posts, Pages are wordpress default types.


Here you can create contacct forms and use their shortcode to embed them into post/page or anywhere they are reauired.


You can create services groups, and single service, they have page layout options as well. You can view them as well.


Do not have preview for single , but you can emebed them to pages by scroll or grid.


This is where you can add the products to sell.

Revolution Slider

Please find its documentation here:

To add slider on a page top, Disable title section on that page, add a row with Visual composer set its width 100% from styling of row, then add element go to Wordpress and select Slider there. For details check home page section. and Element page builder section.

Source and Credits

We would like to thank you to following sources without them this product was not possible.

Once again thank you for buying this product for any questions or help kindly comment on product page.