Veterinary Care – Doctor, Clinic, Pet WordPress Theme

Veterinary Care – Doctor, Clinic, Pet WordPress Theme

by Ateeq Rafeeq, December 17, 2016

Veterinary Care WordPress theme is a complete package for vets and pet care shops. This wordpress theme is built by keeping the needs of vets in mind. From appointment to visit, consultation and shop is also included. There are unlimited possibilities which can be made by this theme. Some great features are listed below.

Awesome King Composer

Awesome king Composer gives you ability to design your pages as you want. Theme also includes some special elements for vets in king composer which are listed below. To use these elements go to a page select template Modules, and edit with king composer, now you will add a row, to add elements in that row click on + sign, you will notice some tabs, in a dialogue which includes Veterinary tab as well this tab provides you all elements what a veterinary can use.

  1. Section Title (Special Veterinary Theme title)
  2. Our Services (Special Veterinary Services Element)
  3. Icon Box (The one used in FAq’s and About pages)
  4. Our Team (Ability to list staff in different ways)
  5. Featured Box (Under Slider on home)
  6. Faq Box (Let you list grouped or all faqs in accordion)
  7. Testimonials (Let you list carousel or grid testimonials)
  8. Pricing Tables (Special Veterinary Pricing tables)
  9. Brands Carousel (You can carousel any type of logos)
  10. Blog Posts (Let you list blog posts in grids for columns 1, 2 , 4, 6)

Now let’s see what these 10 special elements this theme provides can do for you.

Section Title

Title section element gives you ability to style the title section as you want, it also provides you option to put a title, and description as well if you leave description or title blank that will not display.

Our Services

Our Services is an important part for vets and veterinary care theme provides element have different options like

  • Type of Display (Carousel or Grid)
  • Groups of Services (Which Service group want to display)
  • Maximum Services to display
  • Active or Deactivate the excerpt

Icon Box

Icon boxes have options like, select icon from awesome icon selectors, insert icon heading and link that if needed, also a short description. Icon boxes are useful to describe some main points in elegant way and many vets need this as well.

Our Team

Our team section is rich when it comes to options available to list the staff members, as you know there is special post type for veterinaries so you get this element to list doctors in a special way some of features are listed below for this element.

  • Disable slogan (Can disable slogan of vet)
  • Disable Excerpt (Can disable short description of veterinary)
  • Disable Availability
  • Disable read more button
  • Text for Read more button which is linked to Veterinary profile page
  • Select type (Round or Square)
  • Select Veterinary Group (Tabbed or specific group)

As you know the tabs are also available to display veterinary staff which separates the different groups of staff like, administrative, nurses, and vets etc.

Featured Box

In featured box vets can feature some main services of sections this section gives ability to different types like

  • Select icon from thousands of available icons
  • Heading of Box with highlight heading as well
  • Description of box
  • Text of button
  • Link of button

You can also style this box as per your needs.

Faq Box

Faq box element is a nice element for vets this gives ability to veterinary sites put option about faqs you have special post type for faqs and you can list faqs in accordion by group of list all as per your needs.

  • Group of testimonials
  • Limit Questions to display
  • Sort type Ascending or Descending
  • Grouped or just 1

Testimonials Element

Veterinary care comes with a built in element testimonials which gives you ability to display testimonials from the post type of testimonials in different types like

  • Grid or carousel
  • Light or Dark
  • Using transparent background image
  • Select group of testimonials
  • Loading limit
  • Display columns if grid 2, 3, 4, 6

Pricing Tables

Veterinary pricing table

Veterinary Pricing tables are specially designed for vets who can list different types of services in tables, giving it unique heading, image, and titled sections with lists below.

Brands Carousel

If you want to display carousel on brands you serve or the carousel for partners you have you can easily add their logos and link them to their site or don’t link to carouse them nicely.

Blog Posts

Blog posts have option to select, post type, select group or category, limit posts, display columns so on..

Other King Composer Elements

Above we have described in detail the elements we have created for your ease which are mostly useful for veterinary doctors and they can easily manage their themes but the King composer plugin also have some great elements which can be used as well some of them are in screenshot above.



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