Set Forum as default home page for VBulletin

by Ateeq Rafeeq, March 19, 2015

When we install Vbulletin in our server the default landing page is What’s new? page some of users want default landing page to be forum not What’s new so how to do that.

There are different methods to set Forum as default landing page in VBulletin but the most easy and good method is doing it from Vbulletin admin panel follow the steps below to set default landing page forum in vBulletin.

Setting up Forum as home page VBulletin

  1. Sign in to admin panel by going to
  2. Under Settings go to Navigation Manager in VBulletin admin Control panel.
  3. See Tab Forum in front of that you can see Dropdown under Controls click on dropdown select Set Default option and click on Go.
  4. You are done and you have made your default landing page forum as home page.



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