Replace default forum icons VBulletin

by Ateeq Rafeeq, March 19, 2015

VBulletin Default chat icon in front of forums looks so old and out of fashioned mostly people want to change these icons to something very nice and elegant. Unfortunately there is not easy way from admin panel to change these icons but i think that could be good if while creating Forum Vbulletin had an option to chose or upload icon as well. Anyway as there is no option in vBulletin admin panel we have to change them anyhow and we have to find some solutions for this. Follow the steps below to change default icons on Vbulletin forums.

Change VBulletin Default Forum icons

  1. Sign in FTP to access your VBulletin Installation folders.
  2. Go into images/ directory and inside that directory go to statusicon/
  3. Create your new icon with .png extension and with name forum_old-48.png
  4. Upload your forum_old-48.png into images/statusicon/ and replace existing image. That’s it.



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